Get to Know the Outcome of Academic Levels Offered by International School di Jakarta

Get to Know the Outcome of Academic Levels Offered by International School di Jakarta

Teaching and learning processes make the young learners can advance potential abilities from basic level to higher levels. In this case, Global Sevilla international school di Jakarta provides three different academic programs to teach students. From the kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools, all levels design with a specific focus to give the right outcome. Here is the information.

The Student’s Outcome from Academic Levels Offered by Global Sevilla

Get to Know the Outcome of Academic Levels Offered by International School di Jakarta

  1. Young Learners Will Understand the Basic Skills

Global Sevilla offers an international curriculum standard to teach their young learners. At this point, this school differentiates the program based on the targeted age and focus. For children, they can choose kindergarten programs that focus on understanding their needs. The curriculum design for young learners at an early age (golden age) is 2 to 5 years old.

At the kindergarten level, International Early Years Curriculum or IEYC implements the program. It focuses on young learner’s progress needs through a fun and practical learning approach. The students will learn six areas: understanding the world, language, reasoning, creativity, physical, and personal development.

  1. The Students Ability Be Able to Learn by Themselves

The following program at international school di Jakarta is Primary levels. In this stage, the student will use Active Inquiry-based Learning. The student will learn by using two different curricula: Cambridge Primary and International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Cambridge Primary focuses on specific subjects like Math, Science, and English.

While the IPC will emphasize thematic and creative learning for the students. Besides, primary levels are designed for students at 3 to 12 years old to advance students ability in personal learning and develop their discipline to study better. The program required the student to do library visits to build the reading habits at the library.

  1. Student will Understand Themselves

At these secondary levels, Project and Research-based learning are implemented to teach the students. The student is expected to practice innovation and creativity through projects, research, self-study, lab activities, internship, field trips, etc. The outcome of these international school di Jakarta programs can understand students’ potential skills, strength, and weakness.

All in all, Global Sevilla offers the best quality of the program. It is because this school uses the international curriculum that is classifying based on the student’s needs. Starting from kindergarten levels, students will develop skills through fun learning. At primary, the student advances the ability to learn by themselves, and secondary levels lead them to find potential skills.





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