Introducing Global Sevilla, One Of The Best International School In Jakarta

Keunggulan Global Sevilla School

Global Sevilla – There are numerous international schools in Jakarta, but one that strives for one step ahead is Global Sevilla. The idea of not only producing highly-educated students but also have positive personal characteristic is one of the reasons this school established. A great mind with positive and thinking skills is the basis of brilliant young generations. With that said, here is what you should know about this international school in Jakarta.

Global Sevilla : 3 Academic Levels For Better Character Building

Global Sevilla School

Global Sevilla School

One way to nurture a great character is by teaching them at a younger age. With that in mind, this institution provides three different academic levels for students. The education stages are starting from kindergarten, primary, and secondary. Each level has other learning areas of improvement and studies that include language, communication, creativity, mental development, etc. They also use different learning processes that fit the age.

Focus On The Value For Brilliant Generation

Making the children learn and develop character is not easy. But, this school has its method to enhance the process by implementing three essential values of life. The students of this international school in Jakarta will learn the importance of giving, self-control, and compassion. Many expert teachers and scientists found that the three values are essential to create someone who can appreciate others and know what they are.

Excellent Facilities And Extracurricular Activities

Of course, an institution won’t be far for its study activities and facilities. To be a great school, one should have enough facilities to help enhance and facilitate learning and teaching activities. In this case, the school has various facilities, indoor or outdoor. They got facilities from art to science, from sport to recreation. You can say that the facilities are a means to help develop the students’ skills.

With all of the facilities and areas in this international school in Jakarta, various extracurricular activities have different focuses. All of the facilitation is open and provided for extracurricular activities, such as sports, art, science club, etc. If the school teacher manages the activities, there won’t be any fee. In contrast, if external providers manage the activities, there will be an extra charge.

All in all, this education institution has a very vast mindset and target. The school provides education for early age to nurture a better character building. What makes this school standout is the three values that they try to emphasize. Along with the excellent facilities and the school activities, no wonder if all of the combinations can lead to a high-end international institution in Jakarta.

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