4 Essential Learning Activities at Preschool Jakarta Barat

4 Essential Learning Activities at Preschool Jakarta Barat

Academic studies naturally match with rote teaching methods and textbook work. However, it is different from the preschool level. At this stage, they will learn some new knowledge by exciting and interactive techniques. Incorporate fun classroom methods; here are essential learning activities at preschool Jakarta Barat you should know!


Essential Learning Activities for Children at Early Age

4 Essential Learning Activities at Preschool Jakarta Barat

  1. Solve the Puzzle

The puzzle is one of the media to create creative games that encourage students to work together and reflect ideas in complex ways. The children at an early age will learn numerous basic skills through the puzzle. In this case, the games will be provided to solve by themselves or work with their peers. As a result, they will have the ability to solve the problem.

At the same time, the teacher will provide some resources. It can be words, image calculations, or concepts on a paper card. Then, it will cut into random shapes or puzzle pieces. For instance, subject vocabulary, chemical equations, math calculations, historical figures, etc. The activities involve the group handing out a puzzle to piece together.

  1. Drawing Activities

Drawing is beneficial to develop the student’s fine motor skills. In addition, the activity at preschool Jakarta Barat is beneficial to promote quick thinking in creating the art. The young learners need to make some object to represent something. To do these activities, the students freely express their feelings and creativity with paper as the media.

  1. Doing Simple Experiment

Preschool Science experiments are incredibly efficient methods to obtain the children to experience the world around them. In this case, the teacher will provide both inside and outside the classroom practice. There is no limit to n do with science, and the children absolutely love it. The student will learn nature, bodies, cooking, and gardening.

  1. Learning Pre-Literacy Through Music

Music plays an important for all areas of child development and skill for readiness. Thus, Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Barat provides learning activities through music. They will learn the language and identify the words by using music. It helps them to learn the sounds and meaning of the words. Also, dancing to the music improves the motor abilities while providing them to train self-expression.

Children at an early age lack focus. Thus, the learning and teaching method requires fun and practical methods. Global Sevilla provides the best curriculum and professional experts to teach the students at the preschool as an international school. They will learn pre-math and pre-literacy through music, a simple experiment, drawing, puzzling, and many more.

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