4 Recommended Unique Wedding Themes in Bali


Every couple certainly has a dream wedding plan in Bali Wedding Venue that they want to realize together. One of the ways chosen is by holding a wedding at a private wedding venue in Bali. So that the dream wedding can be realized, then the theme of wedding decorations must be carefully thought out. For that, here are some themes that you can apply.

1. Vintage Theme
The vintage theme is one of the ideas that never goes out of style. This one theme is very appropriate to be applied to weddings with an outdoor concept such as at a wedding villa. Even though it seems old-fashioned, this unique touch has succeeded in beautifying the wedding stage to be more beautiful. To make it more interesting, you can add supporting ornaments from the 80s or 90s.

2. Monochrome Theme
Monochrome themes are one of the trends that can be chosen as modern wedding decorations. The reason is, this one theme is considered simple but also gives an elegant impression. Black and white can also be combined with other color variations, so it is very suitable for those of you who don’t want to be dizzy in choosing colors.

3. Chandelier Theme
The chandelier theme can also be taken into account as the theme for decorating the private wedding venue which is held at night. This unique decoration theme uses chandeliers as lighting and creates a calming impression. There is also a simple flower arrangement that will give a more romantic atmosphere.

4. Garden Party Theme
If you want to create an impression that is closer to nature, then choose a garden party theme at your wedding reception. As the name suggests, you will bring the impression of an attractive garden at the wedding because it is surrounded by beautiful and beautiful flowers. No wonder this wedding concept is very appropriate for private weddings.
To add a more attractive impression, it’s a good idea to choose clean white flowers with green leaves. This combination will give the effect of a wedding that is fresher and looks alive. In addition, you can use natural colored pots and add wooden twigs as a sweetener.

5. Unique and Attractive Rustic Theme
Weddings don’t have to look luxurious, because you can make it happen by using a rustic theme. This decoration theme can be applied to private wedding venues by utilizing simple materials that are around. With just a little touch, this material can be luxurious and decorate a charming wedding stage.

For those of you who are planning to get married with an amazing and private natural scenery background, then you can choose The Surga Villa Estate as the best solution. The bride and groom and invited guests can certainly enjoy the wedding ceremony that was held. Of course, while watching the natural scenery in the form of hills and the expanse of the ocean in one view.

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