3 Learning Activities to Help Students Develop Problem-Solving Skill

There is no doubt that Global Sevilla is a school with the best international standards in Jakarta. In this case, the preschool Jakarta program emphasizes some effective learning. It includes activities for problem-solving, arithmetic and reasoning. However, how does this international school implement it in its teaching program? Here is the quick answer for you!

Preschool - Kindergarten in Jakarta - Global Sevilla

Learning Activities To Help Solve Skill Problems

  1. Introducing Simple Counting At a Young Age

Numeracy skills are the main focus of teaching from the start of the programme. In this regard, Global Sevilla provides five programs with different approaches. However, basic arithmetic skills and classifying colors or shapes are learned from the toddler class. It is because younger children have an extensive characteristic of something interesting.

That is why the teacher will give some activities that use a lot of toys and materials. From simple, colorful balls to children’s toys to more sophisticated knick-knacks encourage students to count. Students can identify the color, size, or texture of a toy or material. Teachers need to guide students to understand what they have in this stage.

  1. Utilize Toys and Play Games

Preschool Jakarta also implements effective and fun learning activities in teaching students. One of the teaching methods is using toys. This activity aims to provide fun and entertaining material so that students are more interested in learning. There are many things that can be done for learning, namely playing in groups, sharing information, and also communicating.

Another big focus is the capability to help develop students’ motor skills and personal abilities. Young learners in the kindergarten first program have to play with some toys and games to engross their logical thinking skills. When they reach Kindergarten 2, there are many challenges and difficulties in the materials of learning.

  1. Teach Challenging Materials with Simple Experiments in the Classroom

Challenges and experiments are things that can hone problem-solving skills. Teaching can be done in various forms. One of them is by doing simple tasks from the teacher. Furthermore, there are also challenges where you can create multiple projects with friends and play games with higher difficulty levels. Finally, students at preschool Jakarta can complete the task well.

Seeing the various activities implemented at Global Sevilla, you can see that the school strives to prioritize critical thinking for preschool students. The teaching method is by using toys, simple experiments, and other fun activities. As a result, students can develop good problem-solving skills for a better future.

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